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Financial Aid Resources

Information about financial aid and financial resources for future, present and past students of Hallmark University

Financial Aid Department


Hallmark University Student Financial Planning Office is staffed with trained officers who assist

the individual applicant in the completion of all documents applicable to the various

federal, state, and/or private sources of student financial aid.

If the student and/or family is unable to provide for all educational expenses, our trained Student Financial Planning officers will help to determine the combination of grants and/or loans that would best meet the student’s needs. Applications and information about financial aid assistance availability may be obtained through the Hallmark Financial Planning Office.


Financial Services maintains a close relationship with students to ensure they are aware of and fully utilize all relevant options to assist them in the repayment of their federal student loans. Repayment Management includes a Financial Literacy course that ensures our students enable them to understand credit scores, default management, and budgeting.



Take advantage of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Every student who could benefit from financial assistance should fill out this free application to determine eligibility for government financial aid programs. Every student who would like help with college costs should apply. Do not assume you are not eligible for financial aid.