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Using AI Language Models

A brief overview of how to use AI Language Models

What are ChatGPT prompts?

What are Prompts?

Users can input ChatGPT prompts to start a conversation or ask questions to get more information on a specific subject. A prompt serves as the conversation's jumping-off point and can be as straightforward or as complicated as the user chooses.

The question "What does AI mean?" or "How do you tie your shoe?" are two examples of prompts. The question "Tell me about my favorite <sport's team>" or "Can you recommend a good restaurant for kids under the age of twelve?" are examples of prompts.

After inputting a user prompt, ChatGPT uses natural language processing algorithms to decipher the text's content and produce a response that is appropriate to the prompt. The answer might be a simple answer to a question, a more in-depth explanation, or a conversation on a topic.


Examples for Using Chat GPT:

Prompts (copy & paste into the search bar)

1. Provide me with a sample introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion to demonstrate the structure of a well-written essay. 

Assistance provided:

  • To show the format of a well-written essay, GPT can generate sample openers, body paragraphs, and conclusions for several types of essays. This can assist participants in learning how to organize their ideas and arguments coherently.
  • If a student is trying to write an argumentative essay, GPT can produce an example beginning with a beginning hook, background details, and a unique thesis statement. On top of that, it can create body paragraphs containing a topic phrase, a body of supporting information, and transitions. Another benefit is that it can produce a conclusion that restates the thesis, condenses the key ideas, and offers an ending statement.
  • If a student is writing a compare and contrast essay, GPT can generate a sample introduction explaining the similarities and differences between the two subjects and a clear thesis statement. It can then create body paragraphs that compare and contrast different ideas of the subjects. It can also generate a conclusion summarizing the main points and providing a final thought on the significance of the comparison.
  • Using GPT to generate sample essays (not creating an essay for students to submit as their own work) can be helpful for students learning to structure and organize their writing. However, again it is important to note that these samples should not be copied or used as a substitute for the student's own ideas. Students should only use them as a guide unless citing them as a resource.


2. Generate an example of an outline for different types of essays, such as persuasive, descriptive, or narrative essays.

Assistance provided:

  • GPT can generate outline examples (examples only) for different types of essays to help students organize their thoughts and ideas. Outlining is a valuable tool for organizing one's thoughts and ideas before writing. GPT can provide an example outline that includes the key sections and supporting points that should be included in an essay.


3. Suggest vocabulary words or phrases that can enhance the quality of my writing, such as transitional phrases or sophisticated adjectives. <Provide your writing example >

Assistance provided:

  • GPT can suggest vocabulary words or phrases that can enhance the quality of a student's writing. 
  • GPT can suggest synonyms for words that a student has used repeatedly, helping to vary the student's language and make their writing more engaging. For example, if a student has used the word "good" several times, it can suggest an alternative such as "excellent." 
  • GPT can suggest more specific words to help students convey their ideas more precisely. For example, instead of using the word "walk," it can suggest words such as "stroll" or "amble," depending on the context of the writing.
  • GPT can suggest common word combinations. For instance, instead of combining "make an exam," it can suggest "take an exam." 
  • GPT can recommend expressions and phrasal verbs to improve students' writing and convey their ideas more effectively. 
  • GPT can suggest transitional phrases to help the student connect different ideas and create a more connected structure in their writing. It can suggest phrases such as "however," "in contrast," or "on the other hand" to introduce a contrasting idea.


4. Identify common grammatical errors in the following writing and suggest corrections. <Provide your writing example >


Assistance provided:

  • GPT can be used as an editor to improve the quality of a student's work and suggest modifications. It can then provide explanations for why the suggested corrections are needed.


5. Provide feedback on the submitted writing, highlighting areas for improvement and suggesting ways to enhance the piece's overall quality. <Provide your writing example>


Assistance provided:

  • GPT can suggest ways to enhance the overall quality of the work.
  • GPT can clarify or define terms.
  • GPT can identify technical or specialized terms that may be unclear to the reader and suggest providing definitions or explanations to improve understanding of the work.
  • GPT can analyze the writing and suggest reorganizing paragraphs to create a better flow of ideas.
  • GPT can analyze the writing to identify long or hard-to-understand sentences. It can then suggest a way to break them into shorter, more straightforward sentences.
  • GPT can identify when the passive voice is used and suggest revisions for the active voice. 


6. Suggest revision strategies to help improve the clarity and organization of the following writing: <Provide your writing example>

  • Assistance provided: Analyze writing and suggest improvements. 
  • GPT can identify areas where the writing could be tightened up by removing unnecessary words or phrases. This can improve the overall clarity and concision of the writing.
  • GPT can identify overly complex or technical language and suggest simpler alternatives to improve clarity.


Caution: It is important to know that using any AI language model for assistance is not foolproof. It may not catch every error or provide the best corrections in every instance. Students should always review their writing carefully and ask for feedback from their instructors.

AI language model users need to understand the ethical implications. It is ultimately the responsibility of the writer to ensure that their work is original, properly cited, and to follow the guidelines and policies of their institution regarding plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

More Examples of Prompts

  • Summarize a recent news article for me.

  • Explain <topic> that I am struggling to understand.

  • Provide me with some tips on how to improve my writing skills.

  • Recommend a resource on <topic>.

  • Help me come up with ideas for a creative writing assignment.

  • Provide me with some study tips for my upcoming exam in <topic>.

  • Help me research a topic for a project.

  • Help me practice a <language> conversation. (Add the foreign language you are learning)

  • Provide me with career advice based on < my interests/strengths>. (Add your interests and strengths)

  • Help me with this math problem <problem>. (Add a specific math problem or equation)

  • Provide me with some strategies for managing my time and staying organized.

  • Provide me with some tips on how to improve my public speaking skills.

  • Provide me with some tips on how to prepare for a job interview or internship.

  • Provide me with information on how to stay motivated and avoid procrastination.

  • Provide me with some advice on how to negotiate effectively in a business setting.

  • Provide me insights into industry trends, market conditions, or consumer behavior.

  • Provide me with some case studies to analyze and discuss with my classmates.

  • Help me practice my patient communication skills by role-playing a conversation with a pretend patient.

  • Suggest some evidence-based practices or interventions for a particular patient population or health issue.

  • Help me create a care plan or treatment plan for a hypothetical patient scenario.

  • Help me prepare for a certification exam by providing practice questions or study tips.

  • Help me troubleshoot a coding error or bug in my program.

  • Suggest some ways to improve software testing and quality assurance.

  • Help me create a survey or questionnaire to gather data and research on <topic>.


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