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All About LibGuides

Digital Library Guides to Assist Patrons.

Discovering LibGuides

LibGuides (short for library guides) are commonly used by libraries to organize and provide access to resources for research and learning. They are typically digital guides created by librarians to help users navigate the vast amount of resources available to patrons. These guides are typically organized by subject, course, or topic, making it easier for students to find relevant materials for their research projects or assignments. LibGuides serve as effective platforms for promoting library resources, library services, and library information to a wider audience. 

Our LibGuides are aimed at engaging users and enhancing their library experience. While the primary focus of library guides is to provide users with valuable and informative resources, we also try to incorporate elements of creativity and, sometimes, even humor to engage users in a fun and memorable way. We hope to make them more appealing and enjoyable for our users.