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APA Style, 7th Edition

The APA Style 7th Edition guide serves to provide APA support starting January 2020

Sample Papers

Hallmark University APA Standards

Level 1000 and Level 2000 Courses APA Guide

Basics: font size 11, font style Calibri (Body), 1-inch margins, left side orientation (except the title page), double spaced, the page number in the right corner of the Header section- which can be found on the ‘Insert’ tab of a Word Document (click the page number button, then the top of the page, then choose Plain Number 3 style), no running title is needed. No abstract. Use the paper template found at the bottom of this page or on the Examples and Tutorials page!

Parts of the paper: Title page, the body of the paper (1-3 pages, no headings), and Reference page.

The Title Page is always its own page. All the lines are centered. Hit enter 4 times, then start typing. The following information must be present and in this order:

Title of Paper- Should Be Bolded

Student’s full name

Hallmark University

Course including name and number (ex. ENGL 1301: Composition 1)

Course instructor’s name

Day Month Year of assignment due date (ex. 01 January 2021)

The body of your paper will start on a new page. The title of the paper is bolded and centered as the first line of the page. Paragraphs have a 1-Tab indent to start the new paragraph and are 3-5 sentences long (about 100-200 words). Proper English with clear sentences, no language bias and good sentence structure is expected. Each page will have 2-3 typed paragraphs or about 250-300 words per page. Run your paper through for help with academic writing and to check for plagiarism issues. For Grammarly access, email


Research papers have 3 general sections:

  1. Introduction: Introduce what your paper is about. Explain why you are writing about your topic. Your thesis statement is the last sentence of this section.
  2. Support: Your paper's biggest part explains how the references you have chosen support your thesis statement. Generally, one idea is discussed per paragraph. You must use in-text citations to eliminate the possibility of plagiarism. See below for more information on in-text citations.
  3. Conclusion: This sums up what you have discussed in your paper and brings the whole thing to a close.

Research papers require in-text citations to keep from plagiarizing. They are used to identify when an idea or phrase comes from a reference source. This includes your textbooks or lectures! In-text citations provide information on where to find the source on your reference page. Always provide the author’s last name and the publication date (Thonen, 2021). Or, Thonen (2021) suggests that integrating the reference into a sentence (as shown in this sentence) is another way to cite a source. “If you want to use a direct quote, add the page number or location within the document of the quote” (Thonen, 2021, p. 1).

The Reference Page is the final page of the paper. Put the word ‘Reference’ bolded and centered on the first line. Reference pages are always alphabetized by the author’s last name. APA requires specific formats for each type of reference used. Information on correct formats can be found in the APA manual available at each campus or by using the APA Style, 7th Edition Libguide found at Please contact The Library Director for assistance or if you have any specific questions/issues. Find references about your topic using the Hallmark Database and Reference page  ProQuest One Academic ( is a good general database to use. You may have to log in to access the Hallmark database system. Your login will be your student email and password.

No points will be removed for APA format issues in Level 1000 and 2000 courses. Assignments will include APA format documents and templates in the instructions. Instructors will identify issues with the format to educate students about proper APA usage.

Discussion Posts have no APA requirements. See rubrics for more information on grading.

Presentations and Pictures


A reference page set up in APA style, if references were part of the assignment, may be required for a presentation project. The Reference page will be the final slide of the presentation and organized the same way as in a research paper. Font size will depend on how many references are used. See rubric for more information on grading.


Pictures must be cited

Cite all pictures used by putting the photo’s creator and the year of creation under the picture, for example, below. If stock images from Microsoft Word or PowerPoint are used, no citation is needed. Several websites offer free images students can use:,,,, are some options. If you use Google Images, limit the results to copyright free images by adjusting the Usage Rights on the Tools button under the search bar.  Choose the Creative Commons licenses option. Here is what that looks like:



Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generated

Here is an example of how to cite a photo in-text:

A picture containing shape

Description automatically generated

(Farias, 2020)

For the reference page: Farias, B. (2020). Dog and Cat [Icon]. The Noun Project.

If you need any assistance finding or citing pictures, please connect with the Director of Library Resources at, or call at 210-969-7508. Provide at least 48 hours before the assignment is due for assistance.