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Researching: A How To Guide

Steps to finding research materials and academically sounded resources using the Hallmark University database system

Hallmark University Library

Welcome to the Hallmark University Library! 



Why We Research

We are not looking to just copy and paste information from the textbook or provide a synopsis from the textbook. Instead, as college students, you want to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the information you have read and apply it to your thoughts and opinions as it relates to you as a professional and student. (Athanassiou, McNett, & Harvey, 2003; Vosen, 2008)

Paul Cooper, Dean of the School of IT at Hallmark University


Athanassiou, N., McNett, J. M., & Harvey, C., (2003). Critical thinking in the management classroom: Bloom's taxonomy as a learning tool. Journal of Management Education, 27(5).

Vosen, M. A. (2008). Using Bloom's taxonomy to teach students about plagiarism. The English Journal, 97(6).

ProQuest One Academic Guide

This guide is intended to help researchers navigate the

Hallmark University Database System



The information on this libguide can be used with any of the ProQuest Databases available to Hallmark students.

Government Websites and Open Source resources will have different website interfaces and are not covered in this guide.

If you are searching for articles or information one of those resources and have a question, please contact Katie Thonen, Director of Library Resources, at or call 210-969-7508